Meat and Eggs
Dry Goods

All our breads are 100% whole grain made from organically grown, Isadora hard red wheat. This wheat is grown for us on the Zittle farm in Hamburg New York and stone ground into flour, every day. We extract nothing from the flour, so what you get is 100% locally grown, whole grain bread. Using long fermentation techniques unique to whole grain, small batches, stone ovens, and superior ingredients, we are able to produce flavors you will find nowhere else.

Locally grown, heirloom grains, including emmer and two types of spelt, dating back over 8000 years give our multigrain a unique nutty flavor, that even some people with wheat allergies can eat.

Whole Wheat
Freshly milled, stone ground flour gives all our 100% whole grain breads an unmatchable flavor, but combined with fresh, sweet jersey milk, our sandwich bread has no equal.

Whole Grain Ciabatta
100% Whole Grain, Sourdough Ciabatta. This light, airy sourdough ciabatta, has won over many people who would never eat whole grain bread.

Cinnamon Raisin
Free range eggs, fresh butter, organic cane sugar, toasted walnuts, and sweet juicy raisins, make our cinnamon raisin bread healthy, delicious, and kids love it too.

Apple Cider
Fresh apple cider sweetens this seasonal favorite, and with a swirl of lightly sautéed apples, cinnamon, and a hint of nutmeg it makes unbeatable French toast.

Power Bread
Quick energy from a sweet golden raisin puree, high protein for sustained energy through a toasted sunflower seed flour, and of course our 100% whole grain flour. Flax seeds provide essential Omega three fatty acids, Oat Bran increases the soluable fibers, and toasted pumkin seeds give it the texture and finish that makes this bread so popular.

Pizza Crusts
These fresh, whole grain, individual sized vegan pizza crusts, are pre-baked, just waiting for everyone's favorite toppings.

Seasonal, local, organic, top it off with 100% whole grain; our pastries are in a class of their own, because of the quality of their ingredients. The star of the show is the Organic Frederick soft white wheat. Milled here at Five Points using a stone mill, it has a flavor all on its own.

Cinnamon Rolls
Once in a while, things just turn out perfectly. Our 100% whole grain cinnamon roll speaks for itself.

Cowboy Cookies
A basic Cowboy Cookie made truly delicious by the integrity and quality of its ingredients.

Apple Cake
Super moist, super addictive apple cake. Amazing on its own, transcendent with Lapp Dairy yogurt.

Chocolatey, chewy, and crispy - a brownie you can feel good about.

Cows were born to eat grass. The farms that supply our dairy products understand that healthy, happy cows are raised on pasture. These cows are not just healthier and happier, but you can taste the difference in the dairy products made from their milk. If that is not enough, by supporting small dairy farmers directly you are ensuring that they receive a fair price for their milk, which allows them to keep providing us with such a great product.

Fresh butter, made with slowly pasteurized milk, from pasture raised cows. This butter is made by the farmers at Hillcrest Dairy, the same people who raise the cows. You may not have ever tasted real butter.

This with the cream on top is the closest thing to raw milk that law allows. Taste milk how it was meant to be.

Plain Yogurt
Our yogurt comes from the Lapp Dairy Farm; It is fresh and simple in its goodness.

Vanilla Yogurt
Lightly sweetened with maple syrup this fresh milk yogurt is so good that no words do it any justice. Try it, and it will become a staple in your household.

Every cow, chicken, pig, buffalo, and goat that we sell is raised how that animal was intended to live. They are healthy, happy animals, raised by farmers right here in Western New York. They will all happily let you come to there farm and see for yourself how they raise our meat.

Our artisan , from Hannova Hills Farm is pasture raised, born and raised on the farm. They are processed by hand, locally and dry aged to concentrate flavor and ensure tenderness. These healthy and happy animals never receive antibiotics or growth hormones. Taste beef the way it was intended.

These have a rich diet of bugs, grass, and rich non-soy organic feed. They are moved on the pasture, twice daily. Simply, the best.

Raised by Brent Maynard at Finger Lakes Family Farm, this quality meat is not only incredibly tender and delicious, but is better for you than beef; pasture raised water buffalo provides more Omega 3 fatty acids and good fats than beef.

Chicken Eggs
When Mary, from Genzel's East Hill Farm brings us those baskets of fresh eggs in shades of blue, pink, green and brown, I get excited. They are truly beautiful, and fresh from the hen-house, these eggs are as good as they look.

Duck Eggs
There are many things about duck eggs that may surprise you. For one they are alkaline, while chicken eggs are acidic. You may wonder why that matters, but people, like dirt, and ponds, need to be at a certain PH for life to thrive. Most people are too acidic, and duck eggs, with their large yolks, and much higher protein, make light, fluffy, delicious eggs and baked goods.

Every product our store comes from real people, like organic dry beans, raw honey, homemade soap, organic pancake mix or organic granola. When you buy local, more of your money stays right in the community where you live, and we at Five Points Bakery are committed to selling nothing else.

Hot Sauce
Anyone who has had the pleasure of talking with Ron Glatzofer of Saltamontes at the Bidwell Farmers Market knows how passionate he is about the products he sells. From the wing-it sauce to my favorite, the "Ghost Pepper" XX, each is hand made right here in Buffalo.

BBQ Sauce
Ron, at Saltamontes says it all about his , "a delicate and delicious blend of berries, smoky heat and fine spices. Together they blend into a great grilling or a tasty dipping sauce."

Whole Grain Pancake Mix
Organic, Heirloom, Locally grown, Bi-color, Wapsie Valley cornmeal makes this in a league of its own. Milled fresh, this delicious, open pollinated corn, dates back to the early 1800s and combined with locally grown, stone ground, pastry flour, this makes a pancake you will surely love.

Whether raw, basswood, clover, wildflower, or chunk honey with the honeycomb still in it, Fiegel Apiaries is prized for its consistent, quality . Partnering with fruit growers to put his hives in between rows of fruit trees struck me how this farmer works to not only produce great honey but help pollinate the trees.

Bees Wax
A product from honey making, this raw unfiltered is all you need to make candles at home.

Bees Wax Soap
Made right here on the West Side of Buffalo, this simple , made from Fiegel Apiaries beeswax, leaves you clean, without any fragrance, fillers, or additives. This is the only soap we use in our home.

Maple Syrup
Just a few miles from my mom and dad's house, the small family operation at Maple Run Farms produces top quality Grade A and Grade B . There is something deeply rewarding about giving the money our customers spend to families like this.

Dry Beans
Producing organic including red, black, pinto, Jacob's cattle and navy, is just one of the great things Cayuga Pure Organics is doing. They are "part of the ongoing search for sustainable farming practices including: no-till farming expirements, proper crop rotations, bio-diesel and other energy alternatives, on farm composting and the advancement of methods to sustainably build the health of the soil."

Organic Oats
Locally grown, live, , rolled by hand daily. Need I say more?

Taza Chocolate
With , we have found a perfect match. Their commitment to conscious chocolate making mirrors our own practices here at Five Points Bakery. Yes, it is single sourced, organic and stone ground, but that only scratches the surface. Look at the back of a bar of chocolate and you'll find a batch number, where you can track that bar of chocolate's origin, and begin to see just how far Taza goes to be accountable.

Maple Walnut Granola
It could be the candied walnuts, the organic dried fruits, the clumps of organic oats sweetened with maple syrup or the loving care it is made with, but I will tell you, "There is something that makes this absolutely incredible."

The Massachusetts Avenue Project supports young entrepreneurs. Their is made from scratch and packed and labeled at their kitchen, right here in the lower West Side. Within 100 miles may be local, but MAP is right down the street.

Chili Starter
The Massachusetts Avenue Project who started Growing Green, has young entrepreneurs actually growing organic produce on raised beds in reclaimed vacant lots for their hand made and salsa. That is local.

Every bakery uses a little sugar, some use a lot, but when we must, we use only certified from a small local distributer, who is committed to advancing the local foods movement.

Brown Sugar
This very basic recipe we created when we could not find a good in bulk. Combine 1 cup organic evaporated cane juice and 1 tablespoon organic molasses.